Thursday, December 02, 2004

More trouble for AgriProcessors

According to the Cedar Vally WFC Courier, AgriProcessors, the kosher plant at the centre of the accusations by PETA that their kosher slaughtering is inhumane, is now being sued by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for violations of the pollution laws.
EPA sues Agriprocessors
CEDAR RAPIDS --- On the same day USDA officials opened an investigation into alleged animal cruelty at Agriprocessors, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also took separate legal action against the plant.
The federal agency filed a lawsuit and a request for settlement over numerous alleged environmental violations at the Postville facility. The EPA accuses the company of exceeding limits set in wastewater discharge permits and failing for several years to submit proper risk management plans or hazardous chemical inventory forms.
Agriprocessors spokesman Mike Thomas said the matters have already been resolved with city and state officials. He also said the discharge data was calculated based on "skewed" samples that did not factor the plant's production schedule.
"We think that we've been doing all the right things," Thomas said.
The city of Postville and Iowa Turkey Products, another meat processing operation in the city, recently settled similar lawsuits out of court."

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