Thursday, December 23, 2004

Another one ... how about discovering some of OUR miracle sites??

Here we go again. News of another New Testament miracle site (OK, OK, I hesitated for a second or two while deciding whether or not to put quote marks round that last expression):
Archaeologists in Jerusalem have unearthed a paved assembly area and waterchannel at the site of a pool where some Christians believe Jesus gave sight to a blind man, Israel's Antiquities Authority said.
Perhaps with an eye to Jewish-Christian relations and Christian tourism at this time of the year, they conveniently forgot to add that as a result, Jesus was accused of being Mechalel Shabbos by those pesky Pharisees.
There's still one day until Christmas -- how many other miracle sites do you think they can unearth in 24 hours?
(If this is going to be a trend, I look forward to several Jewish miracle sites being discovered around Pesach-time. Which one would you want to see??)

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