Monday, December 13, 2004

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture "reverses her view" of AgriProcessors

According to this breaking report, Iowa Secretary of State Patty Judge has reversed her view of the Agriprocessors plant after touring it. She is quoted as saying that "the animals she saw slaughtered died quickly and were treated humanely." This is a reversal of her previous statement , which implied condemnation of processes at the plant, made after she was called on by PETA to prosecute AgriProcessors. It then transpired that her department did not have jurisdiction over the processing plant.

Here is a longer report of the same visit. Mr. Rubashkin might be better served if he was a little more diplomatic.

Her statement may be significant. Will Temple Grandin now visit Postville?

BTW -- I don't think that any bloggers have yet drawn attention to the famous, and fascinating article on Dr. Temple Grandin written by Dr. Oliver Sacks (see here for an amusing profile) in his book 'An Anthropologist on Mars' (the book title is from the essay on Dr.G.). Highly recommended book. Oliver Sacks comes from a famous family of Hebrew scholars and doctors in London; an aunt was Elsie Landau, the legendary Principal of the Evelina de Rothschild Girls' School in Jerusalem. [The profile claims that Elsie Landau was his mother, which I don't think is correct.]

CORRECTION: Nope - my memory failed me (not so unusual nowadays .... ) Elsie *was* his mother. The famous aunt was Annie Landau. "Annie Landau was one of the brilliant hostesses of Jerusalem, comparable to her more famous contemporary Gertrude Bell in Baghdad. A spinster of the undisputed Jewish orthodox brand but catholic in taste, she gathered around her British officials, the Arab /Palestinian elite, Italian bishops and Greek patriarchs, besides Jews of all kinds." This quote turned up as the only reference on an A9 search as part of an article on Jacob de Haan. Now there's a story ........

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