Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Chanukah present

Israel has finally -- finally! After four years! -- granted citizenship to the members of the South Lebanon Army (SLA) and their spouses, parents, and children. According to Ha'aretz,
The Knesset Tuesday also determined that the goverment will work towards finding housing and employment solutions for SLA members, for which it will allocate a multi-year budget....
In addition, the defense minister will give each SLA member a certificate attesting to his membership in the SLA. The law dictates that SLA members will be entitled to a one-time reward in recognition of their service in amount of NIS 40 thousand plus triple their wages for each year of service in the SLA. -- which relies on Al Jazeerah for this story, for some unknown reason -- calls this is 'a nice Chanukah present' for the SLA members. Personally I think this is a nice Chanukah present for Israel and for Israelis -- who have, until now, behaved with disgusting ingratitude towards men and women who fought and sacrificed so much on their behalf. By finally rectifying this wrong, Israel gets to (partially) remove an enormous moral blot from its record.

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