Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I'm going to be sacrilegious here...

The NY Post reports:
Ali G, aka Sasha Baron Cohen, has been plying his satirical trade in New York with mixed results. In character as Kazakhstan-born journalist "Borat," one of his personas on "Da Ali G Show," the British comic was on Park Avenue Sunday afternoon with a big map of the city turned upside down. He approached p.r. man Ronn Torossian and his wife and asked: "Where is Lexington Avenue? Is that where the Jews are?" Sadly, Torossian and 90 percent of the other New Yorkers he approached identified Cohen immediately. Luckily for us, some tourists were caught in his snare.
Am I the only person out there who simply does not find Borat funny? Personally, I wouldn't mind watching the footage of the people who recognized Sasha. I'm sure that their reactions -- as well as Sasha's -- were at least as funny, if not funnier, than his tired shtick. Time for some new material.

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