Thursday, December 23, 2004

We'll wake up when it's too late -- the alternative JFJ shadchanim are here already

Surfing into a fellow blogsite of impeccable orthodoxy (one of the YU group, I think) my eye was caught by the ad banner at the top. Everyone knows the the site is not responsible for the ad banners. But this one advertised something like 'Messianic dating", with an enticing website called . If you look at the site, it is warm, fuzzy, and clear in its Christian orientation. But it is just Jewish enough to have a measure of reassurance for wavering or ignorant Jews. And it is very seductive. Read it.
Then look at some of the discussions on this and other blogs recently about the genuinely Jewish, especially frum, singles scene. We are making it impossible to be Jewish, and doubly impossible to be orthodox, except for a smaller and smaller (and more affluent) group.
Where are the leaders who will bring us a more friendly, less elitist, more understanding, less conformist Yiddishkeit?
Within a few years, JFJ will have scooped into their disgusting net huge numbers of Jews looking for warmth, reassurance and understanding. They will be refugees from an insensitive community, who will wake up too late to the situation for which they will have a large measure of blame.
What can we do about it???

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