Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Goodbye, Protocols

The J-blogosphere's uber-blog is now closed -- although it's still not clear why they decided to close down, and why now. And while the last few months have shown a rather rapid deterioration -- even within the last few weeks, the tone of some of the comments seems to have touched previously unimaginable lows -- I personally will always be grateful to the original elders for creating what was, for a long time, a truly vibrant, provocative, relevant and always interesting blog, which set the standard for us all. It is worth noting that even though Protocols was amongst the first, and launched in a much poorer and smaller J-blogosphere than exists today, it still is yet to be matched (in my estimation). I, personally, got my first taste of blogging on Protocols, and have been addicted ever since. Thanks for that opportunity -- and good luck in the future!

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