Friday, December 17, 2004

Is this better or worse than Rubashkins?? I ask: What is a hashgacha worth??

This story - posted here on Bloghd only minutes after breaking on an unsuspecting world -- relates another OU-supervised horror story.
The Mrs. Smith's plant made regular pie crusts with pork lard, and crusts stamped kosher by the Orthodox Union, a New York organization that certifies kosher foods...
In 2001, Raleigh lawyer Marvin Schiller heard the allegations of a plant employee that workers often substituted regular crusts for kosher ones when the plant ran out.
What I can't understand is why part of the $2.5 million settlement is going to the OU? Shouldn't the OU be compensating its Kosher consumers for failing to exercise supervision?? I'm thinking of becoming a fruitarian -- no tracheas,no oesophagi, no lard ... no hashacha. Have a wonderful shabbat, y'all! (BTW - in answer to the headline -- at least the offending pie-crusts didn't get up and try to escape from the factory in "unconscious nervous reflex acts").

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