Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Abu Hamza, Britain's arch terrorist and a man who hates this country, the West and everything they stand for, is planning to sue welfare officials for thousands of pounds in extra state benefits which have been denied to him due to his terrorist links. As a jail source was quoted saying: "He has a cheek."
He also, apparently, has a brand-new hook costing £5,000, courtesy of the state (Captain Hook, as he is known, is missing a hand and an eye. It's not pretty). This in addition to the £30,000/year private nurse, needed for reasons I won't repeat here, and more than £1,000 a week in benefits to his family.
Abu Hamza should have been extradited to the US a few months ago, but the extradition case has been suspended until the British charges are dealt with. After that -- he's yours, guys. You're welcome.

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