Monday, December 13, 2004

Mazal Tov

Checking out a minor fact about Eric Nederlander, I came across this site. Remember the guy who read Protocols so you don't have to? This guy reads the NYT Weddings section so you don't have to. Gevalt.
Anyway, as a one-off public service ('cos I'd never read the weddings section otherwise), I've done some research myself, and come up with my favorite Jewish weddings of the past month:

  • The JuBus -- still exist, apparently, and are married by a JuBu minister (On The Face elaborates).
  • The Doctor who picked up the assistant rabbi at the funeral of a little boy she was caring for. ''This is a sign that life continues, and it continues with Henry in it,'' [the boy's mother] said. And also a sign that some people have no shame.
  • The woman who accepted some random guy's invitation to a dinner party he was making for his friends, although she was totally not interested in him ("He is younger than I am, bald, and only talked about a new frying pan he just bought"). In fact, she only agreed to go because she was hoping to meet some other eligible bachelors. Hours before the event, can you believe it, he announced that the sole other dinner guest 'dropped out.' Says the woman: "I had gone on several dates that had been boring, so when Jason invited me out, I figured, `How bad could this one be?'"
I guess he stopped talking about frying pans.

Which makes me wonder: Could Chayyei Sarah's nightmare singles Shabbaton possibly -- possibly? -- still have a happy ending? Perhaps for Miriam and Levi? We're on installment number 14 -- and it's still only Friday night!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the link, Miriam!

I'm hoping to finish the Shabbaton Chronicles today.

As for the ending . . . my standard reply has become "You have no idea just how far the rabbit hole really goes."

Keep reading and see . . .