Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Mubarak luvs Sharon

Accounts of Ariel Sharon's phone call to Egyptian Hosni Mubarak to thank him for releasing Azzam Azzam show them absolutely fawning over each other:
Mubarak said to Sharon: "I did it especially for you."
Sharon thanked Mubarak for praising him to the Egyptian media last Thursday and said, "Together we can achieve great things for future generations."
Mubarak replied: "I wholly agree with you. Together we could accomplish many things, and I am sincere in these intentions."
"I did it especially for you"??? The two states could have upped their cooperation without this public love-fest. I wonder if it is more than a coincidence that they are busy cosying up to each other at the very moment the Palestinians and the Syrians decide to bury the historical hatchet and coordinate positions in any negotiations with Israel. From what I understand, there has never been any love lost between Syria and Egypt, who have always seen each other as rivals for the leadership of the region, either.

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