Thursday, December 30, 2004

Burberry baubles

I am enjoying the beautiful Jerusalem sunshine, and also a city that seems to me livelier and busier than for several years past. On the way, I indulged myself in the duty-free shopping (outgoing) and bought a rather splendid and rather expensive Burberry tie. It is the very first Burberry item I have ever owned, not that the brand is important etc etc, but that pattern is distinctive. This morning I walked over to the Old City. In the Kotel 'cavern' (through the doorway on the left) sat a saintly-looking gentlemen, near to 120 I would guess, with a flowing white beard, hat, coat etc, who was happy to interrupt his tehilim to give me the opportunity to lighten my pocket. Round his neck was a woollen Burberry scarf.

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