Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Jews, Druze, others, Christmas, JFJ .. three issues

  1. Normally it's the other way around --

"Twenty-three former call center employees of telecommunications provider IDT Corp. are suing the company, claiming discrimination against non-Jewish workers that ranged from ruined Christmases to the transfer of their jobs to Israel"

2. JCC is defined as a religious institution --

" ... a magistrate judge has dismissed a suit against a Jewish community center brought by an evangelical Christian who claims she was fired because she attended a "Jews for Jesus" concert."

3. A thoughtful piece by Amnon Rubinstein about Druze and Bedouin in the IDF, in the light of the return of Azzam Azzam, (tip to Chayyei Sarah) and the death of five Bedouin IDF soldiers.

"..... Both cases involve non-Jewish Israelis who feel and show solidarity with the State of Israel. And both events are cause for soul-searching on the part of Jewish Israelis."

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