Sunday, December 12, 2004

At this point, frankly, I'd rely on Rev. Sanchez' shechitah as more authentic......

This just-breaking story tells an interesting tale of members of a church in Albuquerque who had themselves DNA tested, and found that a high proportion of them had the unique Cohanim gene! According to their Pastor, the Rev. WIlliam Sanchez, it explained a lot, including "the special knives used to butcher sheep in line with Jewish kosher tradition"; and, similarly, the practice of Mr. Keith Chaves' grandmother: ""She kept a kosher knife rolled up in a piece of leather that she would only use for killing," Chaves said. "And she would kill the animal by cutting its throat in one motion. She abhorred the ways others killed animals."

Perhaps she could advise the OU??

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Anonymous said...

The Cohen Gene is attached to the "Y" Chromosome, and is passedf rom father to son relatively unaltered. If a Jewish Cohen would intermarry with a shiksa l'mehadrin, his children would be one thousans percent goyish, but still possess the Cohen gene. Therefore there is no indication that Sanchez is Jewish without knowing for certain what his matrilinieal lineage looks like.