Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In the end, economics triumphs?

According to AP, the people of Postville are coming out in support of the Rubashkin plant:
On Monday, the council passed a resolution in support of the business, noting that Agriprocessors "currently employs approximately 700 local residents and purchases over $100 million of livestock annually." The resolution said the city "renounces unfounded and unproven attacks on Agriprocessors Inc., or its kosher processing."
"We're farmers here, and we make our livelihood from the land," said Sharon Drahn, editor of the weekly Postville Herald-Leader. "So far I have had no letters to the editor or phone calls [about PETA's allegations]. There are people who have said in passing, `Well, if the PETA people had their way, everybody would be vegetarians.'"
Although I'm sure there's no sympathy for PETA in the heart of the American meat-packing country, that's quite a turnaround. It would be extremely interesting to have another update to the Bloom book. Any enterprising journalists out there who want to make the trip (or send me!)?

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