Sunday, December 05, 2004

Keeping you post-ed

Rumor on the block is that when CanWest and Eli Azur take over the Jerusalem Post from Hollinger at the end of the month, they will be appointing a new publisher to take over from Mark Ziman (who, in turn, replaced the infamous Tom Rose when he got the boot). And the second rumor on the block is that he will be rather high profile: none other than Aviv Bushinsky, Bibi's former spokesman, and son of former JPost reporter Jay Bushinsky.
And in other media news, in case you didn't notice, Allan Abbey, Managing Director of YNet's English-edition, made a promise on the comment section of this blog (and in a seperate email to me) that the site will have "no yellow journalism and no sleaze, no registration and no fees for anyone, anywhere." Not sure how there can be 'no sleaze' unless they're not going to translate any of the Hebrew paper, but good news about the fees. We're eagerly anticipating the launch....


Anonymous said...

Did this happen yet? I know that the Post wa takedn over in mid December!
Will Zimon stay with the Post?
Does anyone know when Ynet goes live?

Anonymous said...

Eli Azur has been declared the owner of Jerusalem Post after arbitration in New York.