Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Khodorkovsky profile

Most colorful and interesting profile of Khodorkovsky I've read so far here. It's from the Financial Times in 2003, and describes how Khodorkovsky is rumored to have told Putin to his face that he wants to be President, while Putin should be speaker. No wonder he was arrested. It also implies that only Khodorkovsky's father is Jewish. Interesting stuff, too, about his ruthlessness in running his business, including setting rival teams to work on the same project and demanding a weekly report from his security services on
the number of Yukos workers found drunk on the job. In the first few months after taking over Yukos, he fired thousands of habitual drunks, a significant number even in Yukos's massive workforce of more than 100,000. For the week in mid-September which he clicked open on his screen, there were just 27. Of these, Khodorkovsky's rule is that 90 per cent must be sacked.

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