Thursday, June 09, 2005


I admire people who are willing to go to make real sacrifices for ideals -- a quality which is sadly too often lacking nowdays. However, there are limits. One famous one a few years back was the wife who kidnapped her husband's corpse and dragged it from hilltop to hilltop, preventing it from being buried, essentially as a political statement. There was a similar incident with the funeral of baby Shalhevet Pass, who was killed by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron. Her parents refused to have her buried until Israel recapture the Palestinian neighborhood from which the shots were fired. In both these cases, political statements took priority over the far superior value of Kvod Hamet.
Here's another case from this week, which in my opinion is unforgivable. A 12 year old girl was arrested by the police for trying to block a highway to protest disengagement. She refused to divulge her identity to the police and 'apparently in support of her,' her parents made no attempt to contact her -- and left this 12 year old girl languishing in jail for 20 days!
In this case, a political statement took priority over the physical safety and welfare of a 12 year old child -- who, imho, is too young to be involved in such demonstrations in the first place, and certainly too young to take responsibility for the monumentous decision to remain in jail and play games with the police. The parents are child abusers, pure and simple, and I'm glad to see the authorities are taking a stand.

UPDATE: The 12 year old may be the youngest, but she's not the only minor being used like this by their parents. Read this horrifying story.

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