Thursday, June 23, 2005

Other Conservatives at a crossroads?

The Forward claims that the American Orthodox community's love affair with Bush is on shaky grounds, over disengagement:
Many influential Republican loyalists and non-Orthodox hawks appear to be emaining firm in their support of Bush. But a growing number of Orthodox activists who were avidly courted by Bush in the 2004 election are feeling distinctly dismayed as the administration embraces Israel's Gaza disengagement plan and presses for more aid to the Palestinians.
What did they think? That the President of the United States was going to be more right-wing on this than the Prime Minister of Israel? Bush is on record supporting a Palestinian state, condemning assassinations of terrorist leaders, supporting the road map, and explicitely supporting Sharon's disengagement plan for more than a year. If they're disappointed by his attitude on this, it's because they weren't listening to what he's been saying all along.

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