Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wiesenthal Centre to Anglicans: "When You Say 'Divestment from Israel', We Hear 'Kauft Nicht Bei Juden'"

The resolution by the International Anglican Communion 'commending' divestment in Israel-connected corporations draws this powerful letter by Dr. Shimon Samuels, Paris-based Director of International Affairs for the Wiesenthal Center. He writes: "When You Say 'Divestment from Israel', we hear 'Kauft Nicht Bei Juden' "*.
I have to say that his comment strikes me as a lot more appropriate than the typically mealy-mouthed response(s) of Britain's Jewish community ....
See the website of the Anglican Communion for texts and documents.

UPDATE: The UK's Methodist Church is going to debate divestment from Israel this week as well.

*'Do not buy Jewish'

FURTHER UPDATE: See this link by Melanie Phillips to a statement by one of the UK's foremost Anglicans involved in the Middle East.

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