Thursday, June 16, 2005

Blind date horror stories

They're sharing blind date horror stories over at Treppenwitz, so off you go. [Elms in the Yard has her own contribution as well.]
More than a year ago when I'd just moved to England but didn't have a job yet, I started collecting my friends' shidduch horror stories, with the intention of bringing out a book. Of course it stopped as soon as I found a job but I did get to 40 or so good ones (it took some weeding out; most guys' version of a 'Shidduch horror story' was, 'I got to the place we'd arranged, wasn't attracted to the girl and carried on walking'; most women's version was, 'I waited forever for my date, finally I saw him walk right by me without stopping').
Some of my favorites include:
  • The girl who dated two guys at once -- without realizing they were roomates (I have that from the guys' perspective)
  • The guy who, mid-week, served his date his mother's oily brisket leftovers from Shabbat and, when she didn't gulp it up enthusiastically enough, started attacking her for not appreciating his mother's cooking
  • The guy who told a girl he'd seen 3-4 times that he was getting back together with his former girlfriend, but wanted to carry on seeing her nonetheless
  • The girl who decided to have some fun with her boring, uptight date by eating her falafel as messily as she could, deliberately letting falafel stick to her face and tehina drip down her chin, as he looked on in horror

And many more...

Oh well. Feel free to email me other stories or post them here (pls. include your email address if you're willing to be quoted) and maybe I'll pick the project up again....


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