Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You're not helping the countries, you're helping the Jews

Can the Canadian Jewish News be reporting this story correctly?
The executive editor, columnist and editorial writer of the Jerusalem Post [Amotz Asa-El] says Jews living in the Diaspora, particularly in wealthy countries, must nurture Jewish life in the rich and free world, not Israel, and definitely not in Germany, Poland, Slovakia or Russia.
“I’m totally opposed to the active resurrection of Jewish life in those European countries,” he said.... “Investment of Jewish dollars to build yeshivas and community centres should not be done,” he said. “Investment of Jewish dollars should be confined to keep countries like the U.S., Canada, England and Australia alive and thriving....”
“My family is from Czechoslovakia and the Czechs had some tolerance of Jews, but I think we should not be helping those other European countries. Yes, we should visit the death camps to commemorate those we lost, but there shouldn’t be Jewish life there. Too much happened there.”
One can understand his historical distaste, and furthermore one can argue that Judaism has a better chance of surviving and thriving in the free world and so is a better financial investment. But unfortunately, like it or not, there is substantial Jewish life in these countries, and a large proportion, if not most of the Jews show no inclination to move very far (they'll go from the FSU to Germany, if anywhere). What does he propose? Abandon them and allow millions of Jews to assimilate and disappear?

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