Friday, June 10, 2005

L'idud limmud ha-Ivrit b'batei sefer

On Thursday (yesterday), one of our teachers inadvertently committed a rather serious traffic offence on the way to school ($450 + 5 points...). Unfortunately, a policeman was in the vicinity and pulled her over. She admitted the offence, but asked the policeman to write the ticket quickly, as she was due at her school by 8:30AM to supervise an exam.

'Where are you going?', asked the policeman.
'Wilmington Avenue", she replied.
'Which school?".
'What do you teach?'
'Modern Hebrew", replied our teacher, her heart sinking.
"Be'emet ! -- me'od ohavti et ha-morim l'Ivrit sheli b'CHAT" .......["Honestly! I really loved my Ivrit teachers at CHAT !"]........ replied the cop ... and sent her on her way with a warning but no ticket!!!!!

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