Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Jews didn't do it! The blood clot did it!

Sorry, but this story just cracked me up. Some professor at the Technion in Haifa has published a very earnest study arguing that Jesus died of pulmonary embolism, aka a blood clot:
During Jesus' last days, his body suffered intense strain as he was forced to walk five kilometers while carrying a extremely heavy crucifix, Brenner said, adding that he did not receive enough water during an 18 hour period and sustained multiple lashings causing trauma to his body.
Brenner said that Jesus' inability to move after being nailed to the crucifix by his lower and upper limbs increased the chance of blot clots developing in his legs.
His fast-paced breathing made him loose fluids quicker, causing him to dehydrate, he said.
Brenner told Ynet that additional proof substantiating his thesis is the fact that Jesus death was sudden and in a relatively short period of time - between three to six hours - indicating that blood clots spread from his legs to his lungs.
In addition, Jesus came from the Galilee where research shows that 25 percent of the population suffers from thrombophilia, an increased risk of developing blood
clots in veins and arteries, he said.
"Doctors who researched the new testament and Roman documents from that period all agree that Jesus' death was quick and sudden, which substantiates my thesis," Brenner said.
Professor, I hate to break it to you -- he didn't die of a blood clot or dehydration. He died from being nailed to a cross. Once you've been crucified, do the details really matter?

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