Thursday, June 23, 2005

Last on the now-famous Hagba

Thanks to Naomi Chana for injecting a note of humor into the great controversy:
If I understand correctly, it all started when Miriam of Bloghead posted about performing hagbah at a WTG gathering the Shabbat before her cousin's wedding. Well, hagbah is fun -- not least because, as I've said in various other blog comments,
an average-weight Torah somewhere in midcycle is perfectly liftable as long as you have halfway strong wrists -- but from the furor this disclosure sparked, you'd think Miriam had just confessed to incestuous cannibalistic orgies with married terrorists. Of course, Dov Bear picked up on it -- he loves a good controversy -- and the resultant comments were truly fascinating. Thanks to R. Gil, I'm tolerably familiar with what I consider legitimate halakhic arguments against WTGs from the right wing of Orthodoxy (check out the right sidebar of his blog for a list of all relevant posts). But I had hitherto been ignorant of how participating in groups of women praying and studying Torah together will cause said women to sprout facial hair, stop loving their children, produce Christian grandkids, do something unspecified but presumably nasty to True Judaism (tm), and start participating in incestuous cannibalistic orgies with married terrorists.....
So I am probably still on some sort of goodwill-towards-humanity kick (only slightly marred by the presence of a cold undoubtedly transmitted by one of my wedding guests) when I say that this whole controversy has inspired me. This coming autumn, I will not only continue to attend our local WTG and do things like layn and teach. I will sponsor another kiddush. And when it comes to headcovering -- as a Married Woman, I should think about these things, right? -- I am seriously considering donning a "Do The Daf" baseball cap.

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