Friday, June 24, 2005

Fanatic? Extremist? In you come

Coming back from the airport tonight, my sister in law's cab driver, who came to London from Afghanistan 6-7 years ago, managed to tell her that there was no proof Muslims carried out 9/11 and that it was really the Jews 'wot done it. He also seemed to think that it was a mistake removing the Taliban, who were really 'freedom fighters' attacked illegally by Bush.
In the meanwhile, the London Times reports that
Hundreds of Zimbabwean asylum-seekers held in detention centres have began a hunger strike over Britain’s decision to speed up their removal and send them back to face torture from Robert Mugabe’s regime.
Scores of Zimbabwean refugees have been removed forceably from Britain in the past month at a time when the United Nations has ordered an investigation into President Mugabe’s latest terror operation which has made up to a million people homeless....
This includes at least one opposition leader who had already suffered 'crippling injuries' in detention in Zimbabwe and others who have already been victimized by Mugabe's regime. Very sensible immigration policies this country has.

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