Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wat-er ripoff

'770rambler' -- a blogger I'll get back to later today -- reports from outside Lubavitch HQ yesterday:
A small group, clearly “outsiders,” walks around to see 770, home of the Rebbe and Lubavitch World Headquarters, to view the sites. They encounter three flags hanging from the railing of the plaza. One proclaims in big letters, “Say no to the Transfer!” (or something like that). The other two are Moshiach flags.
Below them, a modestly dressed woman, her toddlers occupying an old stroller nearby, sells Moshiach trinkets, Rebbe key chains, bottled Mikvah water and tichels.
Lubavitch bottled mikvah water??? Better hope no one confuses that with the Kabbalah Center's bottled drinking water.

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