Friday, June 24, 2005

Psychological warfare

An Egyptian magazine which is not exactly friendly towards Israel has launched an online version in Hebrew, and YNet can't exactly figure it out:
Arab Ambassador, the online version of the Egyptian magazine al-Safir, has now launched a Hebrew version, offering Israelis a sneak-peek at what concerns Egypt's intellectual elite and a chance to learn what our southern neighbors really think of us. At first glance the online magazine seems a bit naive, as though it was written in Hebrew in an effort to bring the countries closer together. But a closer look at the content, especially the opinion pieces, proves that yet another tool has been provided to the opposers of peace in the Middle East.
On the one hand, the magazine declares that it does not advance any specific political viewpoint and promotes dialogue among all people.... But after reading the Hebrew version editor's column... one cannot help but wonder whether the website is just a prank, or some sort of parody. Sometimes it can be hard to tell.
Considering Israel has entire units of people dedicated to waging psychological warfare on others -- according to YNet's own report -- you'd think they'd recognize it in its most basic form when it's used against them. I'm a bit worried they don't...

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