Sunday, June 26, 2005

Recent Google searches which led people to Bloghead

  • "Ketubah goat" (...Can't imagine)
  • "woman sitting next to jew northwest airlines" (Is this the beginning of a joke? Or did I miss an international incident?)
  • "messages of hope from anorexia from a Jewish perspective" (B'hatzlacha)
  • "Jason Biggs nose" (hard to believe, but this was actually the subject of a Bloghead post...)
  • "Depression never kissed"
  • "Never been kissed and in my 20s" (this was about 3 hours after the entry above but was not the same person)
  • "Immodest hospital gowns" (were they looking for them?)
  • "Postville Iowa should they leave community reactions opinions Jews"
  • "jedi official religion law against religious incitement towards jedi knight" (not sure if that's who the law was meant to protect....)
  • "airline chutzpah" (anything to do with that woman on northwest airlines?)
  • "sex scandal in Glasgow mosque" (tell us more)

  • And, last but not least,

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