Thursday, October 14, 2004

Too big for his boots, too big for his jacket

Sharon told his colleagues today that the reason he doesn't wear a flak jacket is because he can't find one big enough to fit. Ho ho ho. Such a sense of humor, our Prime Minister! I would have loved to have seen how his audience reacted to that cracker; I wonder how many of them were sitting there thinking he's in more danger of a heart attack than an assassination attempt.
He later added that "I'm not afraid because I've seen a lot during my long military carrier." I don't know whether his security team has asked him to wear a jacket or not, but his attitude is simply irresponsible. Protecting a Prime Minister is not just about the personal risk; it's about protecting democracy, protecting your country's interests, and preventing an entire nation from having to go through a terrible trauma. You'd think a Prime Minister would be used by now to thinking in national terms.

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