Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Here we go again ... three days / three pounds weight gain?

Well, again into a three-day stretch of Yomtov and Shabbat. I have nothing to add to a) what I've written already about Simchat Torah and b) what everyone else has written at length about the two-day yomtov, except to say that I seem to mind it less than many others. That may be because I work in a Jewish school, and so the entire institution pauses to celebrate. Only one thing worries me -- the effect of the three-day stretch on my campaign to lose weight. Over the last few months, by eating less, eating different and exercising more I have shed quite a few pounds (over 25, and going on 30, actually) and, noticeably, several inches of middle-aged spread. After Yomtov, I have to have several suits altered, fortunately in the right direction. In part, the key has been a pedometer (I recommend the Sun Trekling, available by speedy mail order from Red Oaks Trading ) and a 10,000 steps a day target, which I have been able to keep up for 3-4 days a week. Aidel Maidel, persevere! Ultimate target is to lose another 15-20 lbs, which will put me into the 'normal' area of the age/weight graphs (too depressing to link to) .....

Anyway, enough of these personal musings. Miriam and Danny were heard returning at about 1:30AM from their trip, so I suppose Miriam will take over the blog again (just when I finally remembered how to do a link properly!). Nice to have been here ... chag sameach, shabbat shalom and toodle-pip!

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