Thursday, October 21, 2004

"Overrepresented minority" - is this the next platform for the delegitimization of Jews on campuses? (Remember: you read it here first!)

A curious phrase seems to feature in two otherwise unconnected reports on Campus targeting of Jews -- the idea that Jews are an "overrepresented minority".
The disgusting Duke University editorial uses it, and then it occurs again in the report about a film made at Columbia (See Miriam's posting just below this one) which discusses the victimization and prejudice againstJewish students by Colunbia faculty.

"Jews are shockingly overrepresented ...." (Duke)
"Because Jews are seen as this overrepresented ethnic group ..." (Columbia)

Remember the phrase - I think it's going to become very familiar to us. And remember (unfortunately) that you saw it on Bloghd first!
In the meantime, the Duke University student paper tries to evade the idea that in another editorial they approved violence ...... and in the Canadian Jewish News, Norma Joseph, Jewish feminist scholar and professor at Concordia, discusses "the latest fiasco" --
"Is the lesson learned: No lecture by any Israeli political figure on campus, ever?I’m sure that’s not the the administration’s intent, but I fear it’s the lesson learned. I am equally sure that what’s at stake is not a particular Jewish or Israeli argument. The substantive issue is the incorruptibility of an education."

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