Sunday, October 31, 2004

Shabbos, the congregation stayed home -- to surf the I'net

Leah's post on her Shabbat Meal, and her mention of Abraham's guests, generated an interesting comment by reader 'Elizabeth':
So interesting you mentioned the 3 who came to visit Abraham...we tuned in last night to our favorite teacher of spiritual on live via internet on Friday evening (Shabbat) and Saturday when they have services. This was the main part of his sermon. So many things we learned that are so new to us! This is only the 2nd time they had live hookup to their services. And there were 2/3rds more people via internet than were in attendance on site! Hasn't the internet opened up the world though? We had one of our couple friends in to listen as well, since their computer won't allow that much usage I guess.
Broadcasting religious services online is not entirely new; there have been entire virtual chapels. What is interesting is the ratio of people in the synagogue to people watching online. I wonder whether the rabbis will start / have started adjusting their services in any way to cater to those who are, after all, the bulk of their audience -- those at home?

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