Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is this little girl Arafat's daughter?

Zahwa? Posted by Hello

All this talk of Suha rushing to Ramallah to visit Arafat (worried about her stipend? Whatever, btw, happened to that rumored boyfriend?) made me more than a little curious about Zahwa, their common daughter. Now 10 years old, I've never seen a picture of her, or heard a word about her. What would a daughter of Arafat look like?
The answer is this -- the only image which is definitely identified as Zahwa on the web. It's a little hard to see her face, though. From what I can see, however, she does look rather like the girl held by Suha in the picture above -- and they're wearing the same color scheme. Not to mention, there is a certain eerie resemblance to Daddy.
I guess we'll find out when she visits him in hospital.

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Here is a link to an older picture of Arafat and his daughter: