Tuesday, October 19, 2004

This could be the reason why we need shul security in Canada -

Today's Canadian news carries this story :
"The deportation of a Palestinian terrorist who attacked a Boeing 707 with guns and grenades before moving to Ontario has been delayed yet again after the immigration department admitted it made an "error in procedure" in the case."
The attack was in Athens in 1968. One person was killed. Mahmoud Mohammed, now in his sixties, was arrested and sentenced to 18 yrs. in jail, In 1970, his terrorist pals hijacked a Greek airliner, threatened to kill everyone on board, and thus secured his release.
Canada has been trying to deport him for 16 years!
Another story on the radio, not yet in the press, states that late yesterday seven individuals were arrested on an incoming Air Canada flight, because the crew were convinced they were terrorists. They all held French Canadian passports; couldn't speak French, and it was immediately determined that their passports were forged. But, under Canada's super-accomodating (translate: unbelievable) immigration law, they claimed refugee status and were immediately released ..... (Next week they'll probably get work guarding shuls.)

UPDATE: See last comment in brackets - if you think I was joking, see this report, also from today, about a man convicted of five murders as a Mafia hit-man found working under a false name as a security guard in a posh Montreal private school. Not a good day for security in Canada.

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