Monday, October 11, 2004

A man after my own heart

It being a holiday (Canadian Thanksgiving, not Labour Day, as I mistakenly wrote earlier), and since I am very temporarily back in the Blog business, I have been surfing around. I haven't checked out Baynonim , written by 'Adam Ragil' (= 'a regular guy') for some time. He sounds like a man who is somewhat after my own heart -- a slightly uncomfortable observer of polarization in our community. He offers a partial answer to 'Avrom", who asked me why some people in my Shul thought it mattered if the shul was increasingly 'Yeshivish" (see "Heard in Shul" below) -- refer to Baynonim for October 3.

In our case, it is Litvish Yeshivish - not Hungarian or Hassidic. (Hassidic might be better.) We are increasingly surrounded by a baleful sea of black, humourless in the extreme.
  • At this point I wrote a long rant about the other dozen reasons which I think prompted the reported comment. But on reflection, I've deleted it. This isn't my blog, I shan't be around to respond, and I don't think it's fair to post what I'd written. Vehamavin yavin.

UPDATE: -- and more relevant postings on a site I've never read before, -- see "Tradition, Tradition", link to "RN's and OMJ's", and the long trail about the "Girls event".

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