Friday, October 22, 2004

Some recommendation

I love this. Dilbert at House of Hock finds the following haskama (Rabbinical letter of approval) at the beginning of a sefer (book) he bought*:
I wanted to bring the Haskama of [a certain gadol], that I received on [a different sefer that I wrote]. I did not get his haskama on this book, because by the time I finished it, he had gone to Gan Eden. However, if he was alive, I certainly would have asked him for his Haskama on this book, and it is very likely he would have given it to me, as he wrote and hinted at in his previous Haskama "and I bless him that he should succeed in this book, and will merit to write more important books." Therefore, I would ask that it would be in the eyes of the reader, as if I recieved a haskama from [this gadol], also on this book.
Apparently it's quite common to bring haskamot from previous books; but from beyond the grave??

*He removed certain details "so as not to embarrass anyone."

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