Friday, October 29, 2004

Is he getting shaky?

Mark Steyn, one of the most entertaining writers around (whether you agree with him or not), says that if Bush goes, he goes:
Having failed to read correctly the mood of my own backyard, I could hardly continue to pass myself off as a plausible interpreter of the great geopolitical forces at play. Obviously that doesn’t bother a lot of chaps in this line of work — Sir Simon Jenkins, Robert ‘Mister Robert’ Fisk, etc., — and no doubt I could breeze through the next four years doing ketchup riffs on Teresa Heinz Kerry, but I feel a period of sober reflection far from the scene would be appropriate. My faith in the persuasive powers of journalism would be shattered; maybe it would be time to try something else — organising coups in Africa, like the alleged Sir Mark Thatcher is alleged to have allegedly done; maybe abseiling down the walls of the Presidential palace and garroting the guards personally.
Please people, save Mark Steyn! Vote Bush*!!!!!

*Disclaimer: THIS IS A JOKE. Would never try to interfere in an American election, etc. etc. etc.

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