Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Duke U president says some protesters were 'virulent', but the antisemite didn't mean it ...

I can't understand why the N American Jewish community is not in uproar about the Duke University student paper (see Miriam's blog below about antisemitism). Anyway, the President of the University has now issued a letter, which says that

" ....The column was headed “The Jews,” as if Jews were susceptible to group definition, and though its author probably did not mean to, it revived stereotypical images that have played a long-running role in the history of anti-Semitism."

Didn't mean to???? !!!!!! Other than heading his column with a swastika to really show his views, it seems to me that the editor couldn't have been clearer. Anyway, at the time of posting no-one has yet posted an online response or comment on the President's letter -- so, bloghead readers -- here you can go.....

UPDATE: The site does not appear to be displaying submitted comments on the President's letter.

Updated Update: Now what appears to be a carefully selected range of views is on display. The whole affair is a disgrace. But I fear it is only the beginning.


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