Friday, October 15, 2004

An aidel model

Havi Posted by Hello

The JPost profiles Havi Mond, the world's first Israeli/Jewish Orthodox supermodel.
No, seriously.
The Tzfat born beauty, now working out of London, has been featured in British Vogue, The Times (on the cover and in an article), Cosmopolitan, In Style, Harvey Nichols Magazine and Marie Claire. She has walked down the the catwalk for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and London Fashion Week and has appeared in the advertising campaigns of Laura Ashley, French Connection and Gina Bakoni. She is leading the 2004/5 winter campaign of Armani Jeans and the current, worldwide campaign for Pantene hair products, and recently became the face of Castro in Israel as well. According to this profile, originally in the Daily Telegraph, she "is widely talked of as the girl most likely to revive the supermodel phenomenon."
And she keeps Shabbat, eats only Kosher, put off modelling to do her national service and only models modest clothes. Here's a photogallery of her shots; yikes. Maybe not so modest after all. Cindy Crawford, eat your heart out.

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