Sunday, October 03, 2004


David Horovitz makes his debut as editor of the Jerusalem Post with a column in which he declares he does "not intend to compromise by linking the Post to one or other political party or politician...Rather, the Post, a repository of many fine journalistic minds, will try to use its combined brainpower to formulate positions on the key issues of the day that it believes best serve the wellbeing of Israel and the Jewish people. We may be hard to pigeon-hole. So much the better."
The truth is, however, that while the Post has certainly had a reputation for being Right wing in the past few years (because of its editorial line), it always was hard to pin down. Until 2 1/2 years ago, it had a Left-wing editor-in-chief; many of its feature writers are on the Left, and do not disguise this in their writing; there are regular Left-wing columnists in the Post whose voice is certainly heard more often than the Right wing voice in Ha'aretz; and while many people assume that the Post must support Sharon/Likud, in the last election the paper's editorial supported Sharansky and Yisrael b'Aliya (it's now hard to remember why).

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