Thursday, October 28, 2004

"France will always be on your side," Mr. Arafat

A couple of days ago, the London Times ran an interesting article about how senior French ministers were finally giving in and learning English, because they began to realize that they were being ignored in international meetings and ignored by global television networks.
I suggest that Foreign Minister Michel Barnier jump to the front of the linguistic lesson line. Barnier, who just earlier this month visited Israel, is quoted by some Chinese wire agency as sending the following message to PA Chairman Arafat:
"France, as I told you in Ramallah on June 30, will be always on your side to back your effort in favor of a just and negotiated peace... It is with concern and sympathy that I keep informed of the development of your health... I wish to express my most sincere wishes for your recovery, hoping that you can return rapidly to your place to lead the Palestinian Authority," he said.
Mr. Barnier, you meant to say, 'by your side' -- right?????

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