Thursday, July 14, 2005

When more isn't necessarily merrier.....

The Jerusalem Post is running an article on polygamy in the Muslim world which includes the following assertion:

Immigrants from Mali, Egypt, Mauritania, Pakistan and other countries who come to live in Europe often bring along their extended families, which may contain two, three and even four wives, and all of their offspring.
There are no official statistics, but some sources claim there are up to 10,000 polygamist families in France. The average size of such a family is up to 15 people, which means that about half a million French are living in polygamous families. There are also hundreds of polygamous families in England, Germany and Norway...
To make matters worse, Britain at one point floated the option of 'recognizing polygamy for tax purposes.'
Now, things might have changed after last Thursday. But what's the use of laws if even the government is prepared to consider endorsing people who break them?

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