Thursday, July 07, 2005

End of the day in London -- some final thoughts

  • First of all, London coped admirably. The Brits didn't panic -- partially because the television presenters handled everything so calmly, unlike, for example, their peers in Israel -- and the emergency services worked efficiently and well, as they had rehearsed this scenario umpteen times. Everyone is being very stoic and stiff-upper-lip. Kol Hakavod.
  • This was a life-changing, tragic event for 40 families and then some. However, it could have been so much worse -- just think how many people were killed in a similar event in Madrid and how many people were on that bus, on those trains today. There could easily have been hundreds dead. In a sense, this is a true miracle.
  • Provided the transport systems are up and running again, I have to get on a train tomorrow and I must say, I'm not thrilled about it (in Israel I avoided buses). However, I am going to concentrate on the fact that the London underground moves literally millions of people each day. Your chances on that are still relatively good.
  • Far be it for me to give terrorists advice, but I simply can't understand their tactics here. They could have gone after many more buses, many more tube lines. In fact, they could easily set off bombs in London, Paris, Australia etc. every week. What's their thought process here?

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