Friday, July 22, 2005

For the greater good

I love Aidel Maidel, but here's an attitude I just can't sympathize with:
The NYPD has announced random bag checks on the subway system and those who refuse who are not allowed to ride the subway. Are there any lawyers out there who can tell me if this is legal? I should be able to refuse illegal search (and seizure, although I don't have anything to seize), at least to my understanding of the law, & consititution. But can they refuse me access to mass transit because of it? But maybe this is something that was thrown out the window with the Patriot Act?
Unless you have something to hide, why would you on principle want to refuse a search which is there for your own safety? It's annoying, but I'd rather go through that inconvenience than get killed in an attack. Yes, you know you have nothing to hide -- but if everyone took that attitude, the police will never be able to search anyone. You might argue (wrongly, in my opinion) that a random search is ineffective -- but again, unless you have something to hide, it can't do any harm.

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