Sunday, July 24, 2005

'The biggest social event of the decade'

I love it. OOSJ, briefed by a colonel, no less, reports on an unexpected side-benefit of the disengagement -- Shidduchim:
At Kfar Miamon last week, many phone numbers were apparently exchanged on both sides of the fence. The boy combat soldiers who suffer through bad accommodations and combat rations finally got to meet the girl soldiers as they sat for days waiting for some action. And action they got – phone numbers, dates. Marriage proposals? Not so quick. And, as we stated this happened on both sides of the fence. This was the biggest social event of the decade here in Israel and will go a long way in solving the demographic problem here in the Holy Land. Special thanks to Ariel Sharon and R. Avraham Shapiro for setting this up.
Indeed... The question is, however, whether any phone numbers were exchanged across the fence...

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