Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sorry to be so depressing.....

Ha'aretz reports on a report tracking the increased anti-Semitism in Russia:
The report's authors state that the increased hatred of Jews in Russia stems from several social processes, first and foremost among them being the growing nationalist and anti-American sentiment in Russian society. Jews are increasingly perceived as proteges of the United States and as partners in the looting of national treasures. According to the report's authors, the authorities in Russia and its neighbors refrain from taking action to stamp out anti-Semitism because of the popularity of anti-Semitic views. That attitude is characteristic of large parts of the bureaucracy and security services in Russia and finds greater expression at the local government level, which is unconcerned about Russia's international image.
'Partners in the looting of national treasures' -- presumably this is a reference, at least in part, to the Jewish Oligarchs, which is interesting seeing as the Khodorkovsky trial was widely not seen to be motivated by anti-Semitism.
The Jerusalem Report, btw, has what looks like an interesting cover story about Israel-based oligarch Leonid Nevzlin, but it's not readable online. Anyone read it?

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