Monday, July 04, 2005

Disengagement from hummus

This story (here linked to Ynet) also made the Toronto Star. I'm sure their readers enjoyed the following (inaccurate and stupid) line:

"When non-Jews are involved in the cooking process of foods, this causes them to be designated non-kosher according to Jewish law, Lahiani said."

Given the current problems that the Jewish community has in the world, that was a particularly inflammatory pronouncement, even if Rav Eliahu's aide believes it. Sack him, please. C'mon guys, get serious. Is nothing sacred? Is there any limit to how many arguments the Orthodox world can manufacture? Is Gadol Hador right? Will someone tell me where I can find the reasonable, comfortable, non-meshugah, pro-Israel, pro-Ivrit, open, ready to appear in the marketplace of ideas, literate, halakhic but not obsessive Traditionalism that I'd like to feel that I can (continue) to belong to??? If not -- where should I daven?? (Harbona - any suggestions?)

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