Monday, July 25, 2005

Subway security II

Dear DovBear:
I was interested to read your two posts objecting to the NYPD's plan to check bags at NY subway stations, on the grounds that "He who trades liberty for security deserves neither and will lose both."
You have neglected, however, to answer the question posted twice in your comments section: Have you in the past ever refused a request to open your bags to policemen or security guards in Israel?
Didn't think so -- which makes me think your position is simply reflexive liberalism that doesn't even hold up to your own patterns of behavior -- and perhaps has as much to do with your dislike of one particular administration than a truly principled stance.

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Ze'ev said...

Miriam, there is a difference between DovBear's position against having to be checked in NY, and your example of Jews being searched every time they have to enter a public place in Israel. Afterall, in Israel it has come to be acceptable for Jews to be blown up and killed, both by the government, and the world, so people don't fuss about the searches.

In NY and London, it's still a rare occurence to be blown up by terrorists, and until that changes, people will not be so willing to give up their freedoms...