Monday, July 25, 2005

King Canute and DovBear

Our furry friend and colleague, Mr. D.Bear, is outraged at the infringement of civil liberties implicit in the announcement that random (or other) searches of bags may be instituted at entrances to the NY subway. King Canute was a Viking ruler of Britain way back who (for different reasons, according to different versions of the story) sat in a throne on the sea shore as the tide was coming in and commanded the sea to recede. They rescued him just as the water reached his chin. Moral: You cannot stop the inevitable. Every western country is likely to become like Israel, where such searches are totally routine - not only at transport installations, but at supermarkets, cafes and every public gatherings. As I posted on DB's comments, today's London 'Times' carries a report about how such measures are suddenly widespread all over London.
Personally, I can't see the legal/moral difference between subways and airports. No-one nowadays would dream of getting on an international flight where there was no security.

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